Doner / Shawerma

Homemade lamb meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie and sliced into thin crisp shavings

6.45, -


Minced lamb, onion and green pepper patties, seasoned with parsley and herbs

7.45, -

Chenjeh / Kuzu sis

Marinated chunky lamb leg pieces skewered and barbequed

9.45, -

Koobideh / Adana

Minced lamb mixed with herbs and spices then mounted on a wide iron skewer and barbequed

8.45, -


Tenderised fillet of lamb on skewer, marinate in special sauce served with rice or bread

13.95, -

Chicken Sis

Marinated chunky chicken breast pieces skewered and barbequed

8.45, -

Chicken Wings

Marinated chicken wings skewered and barbequed

7.95, -

Shishleek / Lamp Chops

Seasoned lamb cutlets cooked on open barbeque

12.45, -


Marinated and split open baby chicken cooked in oven and finished on barbeque

9.95, -

Dandeh Kabab / kaburga

Seasoned lamb ribs cooked on open barbeque

8.95, -

Karisik izgara

Mixed kebab: doner kebab, kuzu sis, tavuk sis, kanat, koobideh and kaburga

12.95, -